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Our Goal

Here, at Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions Inc., we strive to help enrich your life through better hearing and understanding. We are Bilingual (English and Spanish) and can have an ASL interpreter with sufficient notice when needed. We have two state funded programs to further aid those with hearing loss, deafness, speech impairment, and other disabilities.

Our Staff

Sandra Folly ACA, BC-HIS

Licensed, Board Certified Hearing Aid Dispenser
Proud Veteran

Our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist and owner of Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions, Inc., Sandra Folly, has over 20 years of experience and focuses on your needs. Her vast knowledge will help ensure the instruments you are fit with are a perfect match.

Cynthia Parra

Front Office

Cynthia Parra, or Cindy as we call her, is our front office professional. She greets everyone with a smile, is your first point of contact on the phone, checks insurance coverage, processes instrument orders, and sets appointments. Cynthia ensures our day runs smoothly, so you will not be waiting a long time to be seen.

Cecilia Reyes

Region 10 Technology Specialist
Region 9 and 10 STAP Specialist

Cecilia (Cecy) Reyes has dedicated herself to assisting Texas residents with disabilities. Her wide knowledge of communication devices has helped many people bridge the gaps caused by their disabilities with telephone communication. 

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