State Funded Programs

Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions Inc. administers two program funded by Texas Health and Human Services Commission / Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

These programs are available for individuals with various disabilities. This is just another way we provide resources to a life with better hearing.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialist Program

Why not take advantage of today's technology? Let me help you get connected to the world!"

Cecilia Reyes 

Region 10 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialist

Cecilia Reyes, Region 10 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Specialist, has the information you need for better hearing beyond hearing aids. She is incredibly friendly and helpful. Cecilia can introduce you to devices to help with various disabilities. She also gives presentations to share valuable knowledge. 


Some of the Services Cecilia offers are:

  • Assistive Technology training for the workplace, home and other entities.

  • Sensitive training for state, city, and local entities: Law Enforcement, VA, Educations, and Medical Realm

  • Presentations regrading devices to aid with disabilities

  • Assistance to Veterans with technology, resources and services at the local/state level. This includes hearing loss that is not service connected.

  • Provides individuals who are working and not working with services/resources for hearing aids if eligible and technology to help with barriers due to hearing loss

  • Tuition Waiver for those who have a sufficient loss to any public university or community college in Texas.

  • Locate interpreters if needed and accommodations for diverse venues such as Cart.

  • Resource Table at a variety of venues.

 Call to speak with Cecy so she can "help you get connected to the world!"


Office: 915-504-1715                                    Cell: 915-694-TECH 


Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program

Deanna Davis

This alarm clock has multiple features. It has a powerful sound and a bed shaker. If you don't hear the alarm you'll feel it. It also connects to your landline to alert you when you're receiving a call.

Deanna Davis

Region 10 Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program (STAP) Specialist

Deanna Davis, Region 10 STAP Specialist, is driven to help you with the devices available through the STAP Program. She can inform you of the different phones, assisted listening devices, signalers, and much more.


Some Devices available available:

  • Amplified phone 

  • Assisted listening device

  • Ring Signaler 

  • Two Way Texting device (can be used to acquire iPad or cell phones)

  • Much more!


1) Texas residency

2) Inform us of your disability (hearing, speech, vision)

Call our office today for more details or to sign up!