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Just like in our name, we're here to find your HEARING SOLUTION!

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Welcome to Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions, Inc!


Finding the right location to aid with your hearing difficulties could be one of the biggest and best decisions you ever make. We are your one stop shop for your hearing needs.

Starting with a FREE hearing evaluation, we can find what device will improve your hearing and understanding best. Entrusting your hearing to us means much more than just receiving Hearing Aids.  Our focus is aimed towards the improvement of each patient’s auditory ability and rehabilitation. Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions, Inc. not only tests and fits Hearing Instruments, we walk you through the process of re-adapting to the surrounding sounds and communication.


We have two state funded programs to assist with additional equipment. We work with various ENTs to refer and receive referrals throughout the El Paso area, giving the extra security that you are working with a provider that is trusted by doctors.

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