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Sandra Folly ACA, BC-HIS

Sandra Folly ACA-BC-HIS is not only the owner and leader of our team. She is a Licensed, Board Certified, Accredited Hearing Aid Dispenser with over 20 years of experience. Sandra stays up to date with the latest Hearing Aid advancements. You'll know you're in good hands when you walk through our doors!


  • FREE!!! Hearing Evaluations- Our Hearing Evaluations are completely free of charge. It’s always good to get an annual Hearing screening or Evaluation to see if there is any change.

  • Ear Spa- get your ears cleaned by a professional! If you are putting anything in your ears (q-tips, earphones, etc.) you are likely pushing wax deeper and deeper in your ear. This can get pushed up against your eardrum and affect your hearing. Call us to schedule an Ear Spa session for just $25!

  • Adjustments-If you already have hearing aid but are still struggling to hear properly they may need a free clean and check or adjustment. You will likely need a hearing evaluation to ensure the programming fits your prescription.

**If Hearing Aids were not purchased at Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions a charge will be assessed for programming. Call for details.

  • Clean & Check- If you think your hearing aids are not working, bring them in for a Clean and Check. It could be wax build up or in need of a new battery or filter. This can be done on a walk in basis.

  • Repairs- We are authorized dispensers for Starkey, Unitron, Signia, Phonak,  Audibel, and Resound. If repairs are needed we can help. We replace tubing.

**Depending on status or coverage of warranty cost may vary. 

  • Earmolds- Ear molds can be used for your hearing aid or for Musician/Swimmers/Custom earplugs. We provide either silicone or acrylic ear molds. **Without a purchase of hearing aids earmolds start at $25 per ear.


  • Types of Hearing Aids:

    • RIC-receiver in the canal

    • ITC-in the canal

    • ITE-In the Ear

    • CIC-completely in canal

    • IIC-Invisible in canal

    • BTE-Behind the ear

  • Batteries

    • Size 10

    • Size 13

    • Size 312

    • Size 675

  • Other products

    • Miracell  ProEar-Natural relief for Dry, Itchy, Irritated ears

    • Earplugs:

    • Earasers-Musician’s Hi-Fi Earplugs

    • Honeywell Howard Leight Smartfit Reusable Corded Earplugs

    • Custom Swimmers ear protection

    • Battery testers

works with many trusted hearing aid manufacturers!

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Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions works with various Insurances as well as third Parties and government funded agencies.

We'll help find the resource that's right for you.